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Barbara Urbach talks about films and film music. Barbara was the host of Saturday Afternoon Matinee.

Saturday Afternoon Matinee


Highlighting music from Film Soundtracks and Theatre Shows as well as discussion (and occasionally some gossip) around the plot.

Saturday Afternoon Matinee is hosted by Barbara Urbach and Gary Van Osch.

Saturday Afternoon Matinee is not currently on the CKMS-FM schedule.




Our Premiere Show features the film Blade Runner!!!


This Weeks Classic ………….The Sci Fi Great!!!

A Clockwork Orange starring Malcolm Mc Dowell and Written, Directed and Produced by Stanley Kubrick………..Based on the 1962 Novel by Anthony Burgess


This week Saturday Afternoon Matinee features Singin’ In The Rain a lighthearted look a Hollywood in the 1920’s starring Gene Kelly, Donald O’Conner, Debbie Reynolds, Jean Hagen and Cyd Charisse.