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Sauti za Africa brings you amazing selection of music from the continent of Africa and all the islands surrounding it. Listen to Ndombolo, Soukous, Seben, Bongo Flava, Afrobeats and so much more. Live interviews are conducted from time to time with famous artists!! Your host is Yasin Dewji who was born and raised in Tanzania. As a fluent speaker of Kiswahili, English and a host of other languages, you will be entertained. Consider advertising your business on our website Sauti za Africa....WE BRING YOU THE LATEST SONGS AND THE GOLDEN TUNES OF YESTERDAY!

CKMS Info booth at @BOTSunshine Festival

This Sunday CKMS had an information table at the Bring ON The Sunshine Festival held at Kitchener City Hall. CKMS Board member Yasin Dewji, host of Sauti Za Africa was on hand to pass out information, and to invite everyone interested in community radio to join Radio Waterloo, and maybe even host a show!

Yasin Dewji behind a table with the CKMS banner and info leaflets
Yasin Dewji staffs the info table
Two people on stage in the background, seated audience members in foreground
Presentations at @BOTSunshine
Two people carrying African shields in front of a map
Re-enacting history

Sauti Za Africa

Sauti Za Africa (illustration of a maraca in a starburst)Sauti Za Africa(

Bringing you great music from the continent of Africa. Afrorock, Bongo Flava, Souskous ++++.

We strive to bring you both the old and new

Nahodha wa kipindi hichi alizaliwa Tanzania na juhudi yake inaendelea kuongeza maisha ya wananchi wa Africa katika eneo ya elimu, matibabu, elimu, afya n.k.

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