Blue Sky Horse Radio (painting of a horse running through a portal with clouds and stars in the background, and a black background surrounding the portal)

Blue Sky Horse Radio for 1 August 2020 with Regan Sunshine Brussé of the Unsheltered Campaign

Regan Sunshine Brussé
Regan Sunshine Brussé
On Saturday, 1 August 2020 Jenniefer Stronge spoke again with Regan Sunshine Brussé of the Unsheltered Campaign. Regan provided updates on water availability: at one encampment a tap with fresh water has been provided, but at another encampment people are drinking from the river. A portable toilet has been provided by the Region of Waterloo at one location. Regan estimates there are still about 500 people who are unhoused, and winter is approaching. There has been very little progress since the start of pandemic measures in March. She says there are conversations about providing more affordable housing in the area. Regan would like to see the Region or a municipality provide an area of public land for an encampment with better facilities, so that people can be sheltered and maintain their social circles. People cannot be forced into shelter; facilitators need to speak with unsheltered people to find out what they want. There is a lack of trust in the system, and so some people may prefer to remain unsheltered. Today, people need to hide when they’re unsheltered because of opposition to the encampments. If we give unsheltered people a place to be it’s the first step to welcoming them back into society. Covid has shown us what we can do, and how quickly we can do it.

Looking for ways to help and provide support? See Regan’s website My Mother Named Me Sunshine; Make a charitable donation with an e-transfer to, and check for items needed at Unsheltered Campaign.

blue-sky-horse-radio-2020-08-01-Regan-Sunshine-Bruss%C3%A9-of-Unsheltered-Campaign.mp3 (18 MBytes, 19m 59s)

Facebook Video: Speaking with Regan @mymothernamedmesunshine to hear about the latest of what is happening with her work regarding anti-poverty in Kitchener/Waterloo

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