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AWH Take-Over #4 Featuring Coy Haste aka Brad Weber

In this episode of the AWH radio take over, I’ve got my Moog Mavis connected and a second NiftyCase connected with the NiftyEars and I’m still working on a new album live on the radio while talking Modular Gear and featuring solo artists. This episode’s artist is Brad Weber aka Coy Haste from many bands that I am a fan of. To hear more of his music go to the Coy Haste Bandcamp here:

Or Check your his Youtube page for Coy Haste and Pick A Piper here:
   / @pickapipercoyhaste  

This episode was aired on CKMS:
   / @ckms1027fmradiow…  

Concept Album – Death Breath

This past week on Mano A Mano we inducted another great album into the Concept Album hall of fame. This week it was another Giraffes? Giraffes! album. Their most recent which was just released this year. In addition there is something very different about this album from all past G?G! albums! Check it out in the podcast here:

If you want to find out about all the other albums featured in the background visit:


Mano A Mano

Mano A Mano (medallion with the CN Tower logo for NCRC38 superimposed on crossed revolvers)Mano A Mano is not currently on the CKMS-FM schedule.


During the Pre-Mano Battle DJ Adrock and DJ Steel alternate songs to prime the listeners for the battle that ensues.

The Mano A Mano Battle

Each battle DJ Steel and DJ AdRock choose 4 songs based upon a theme chosen specifically for that week. DJ Steel and DJ AdRock alternate their song selection throughout the battle. Once the show is over the listeners along with Mano A Mano’s expert listener can vote for which DJ had the superior music selection for the week. This head-to-head combat style of radio programming is sure to bring you superior song choices each week!

Feature Band

Each Week the Dj’s choose a feature band to play while the listeners are voting. These bands will range from local bands playing nearby shows to major label bands doing some new and interesting.


Listeners can write in on the Sound FM Chat or call in on the Sound FM request line to request a song that they feel was over looked in the battle that fits with the weeks theme. Only songs that fit the theme will be played.

Mano A Mano on Facebook: