A downtown street early on a foggy morning. Red traffic lights stand beside a street sign that reads King Street and beyond the lights the streets are mostly empty.

Citizen’s Committee asks the city of Kitchener to declare a loneliness epidemic

Reporting to the last City Council meeting before the summer break, Compass Kitchener, a citizen committee tasked with assessing the City’s strategic plan, emphasized that this is the City’s opportunity to lead the nation in addressing this public health issue.

The committee’s 2024 report reviewed major projects like the Bike Share Program and the Downtown Vision project, commending the City on several initiatives while suggesting improvements for others. The discussion also focused on post-COVID challenges in arts and culture, affordable housing solutions, and sustainability strategies.

The rise in loneliness and the polarization in society were noted as critical issues. Several councillors noted their concern and discussed the implications of loneliness for the community.

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