The second floor of a modern building taken from the sidewalk and looking up. A sign at the bottom of the frame says 'Carl Zehr Square'.

City of Kitchener must decide how to fill vacant council seat

The election of Aislinn Clancy to provincial politics leaves the Ward 10 seat empty.

At City Council on December 4, Mayor Barry Vrbanovic congratulated out-going councillor and MPP-elect Aislinn Clancy on her byelection win on November 30 and put forward the City’s options.

Once Clancy resigns and the Ward 10 seat is officially declared vacant, Kitchener city council will have 60 days to decide whether by appointment or a by-election to fill the seat.

While the cost of a by-election is a important consideration, with roughly three years still left in the mandate, some residents believe the Ward 10 seat should be decided by the electorate.

The last regular municipal election was on October 24, 2022, and the next election is scheduled for Monday, October 26, 2026, which is just under three years away.

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