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CKMS Community Connections for 16 March 2020 with Jake Feeney

Today Jake Feeney came into the studio, we chatted, and Jake played some music Live, On-Air, In-Studio.

Show Notes

Jake Feeney at the microphone holding headphones
Jake Feeney

The interview starts at 3m55s.



Download: ckms-community-connections-2020-03-16-episode045.mp3 (82.3 MiBytes, 59m55s, episode 045)

Podcast Index

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  • 00m48s: No Headlights | Jake Feeney (album cover; black border with a silhouette of someone sitting in front of a tree) Jake FeeneyNo Headlights Live, On-Air, In-Studio!
  • 03m58s: Acoustics vs. Electrics, engineering an album.
  • 08m52s: Jake FeeneyCalling Cards, Live in-studio.
  • 12m06s: Writing sad songs, the process of writing music.
  • 19m13s: Jake FeeneyGrowing Pains, Live in-studio.
  • 22m25s: Finger picking, “Travis Picking”, and other guitar techniques. What genre is Jake’s music? “Finger-pickin’, melancholy folk music.” Jake writes music for Jake.
  • 31m17s: Jake FeeneyWe Used To Float, Live in-studio.
  • 35m24s: Melancholy music, happy music; audience requests, playing various venues like The Free Times Cafe, getting gigs, playing with other musicians, writing for other musicians, promotion and business, maybe teaching music.
  • 47m50s: Jake FeeneyJane, Live in-studio.
  • 52m00s: Analyzing Jane; album release soon, on Bandcamp, SoundCloud, YouTube.
  • 55m30s: Jake FeeneyThe Hall, Live in-studio.
  • 58m28s: Upcoming gig at The Hole In The Wall on 27 March 2020.

Bonus Footage

YouTube: CKMS Community Connections for 16 March 2020

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