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CKMS Community Connections

Four people in the CKMS Studio
The voices behind CKMS Community Connections: Bob Jonkman, James Jordan, Jenniefer Stronge, and Jeff Stager
CKMS Community Connections pushes our programming department out into the community to get local stories, promotional events, press conferences, musicians, events, concerts, theatre, culture, political stuff, public interest, public service announcements, etc…

Bonus: To hype new music that we get in and try to highlight local talent!

CKMS Community Connections has two one-hour slots: One is for a pool of programmers and producers to create quality content, the other for drop-in conversation and new music, hosted by a small pool of programmers

CKMS Community Connections has a workshop series for producing radio/podcast/webcast: interviews, storytelling, podcast creation, video creation, and “Train the trainer” sessions on how to produce your own radio show. We’ll produce training documentation: webcasting, live to air programming, podcast production.

Live-To-Air broadcasting is a component, so when something happens somewhere else… We’ll have live -to-air discussion/talk/podcast recording at some community venue, maybe the library, maybe City Hall…

CKMS Community Connections is an ongoing drop-in training timeslot with experienced CKMS trainers for new programmers and existing programmers to refresh skills and learn new programs.

Executive Producer: Jenniefer Stronge
Contributing Producers: James Jordan, Dylan Bravener, Jeff Stager, Bob Jonkman

Join us! CKMS Community Connections Hour One currently airs on Mondays from 11:00am to noon, and Hour Two airs on Saturdays from 1:00pm to 2:00pm.

Got music, spoken word, or other interesting stuff? Let us know at or leave a comment on our “About” page.

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CKMS 102.7 FM Radio Waterloo | Community Connections | Monday 11am-Noon, Saturday 1pm-2pm

7 thoughts on “CKMS Community Connections”

  1. Traversing a world populated by snakes, whales, and butterflies, Royal Visit to Uranium City is a cautionary tale of disaster, rebellion, and, of course, love. If not for certain incendiary wafts of ash, this story may not have survived…

    Royal Visit to Uranium City is the new album from producer/multi-instrumentalist Kitz Willman. The Winnipeg-based artist flexes their world-building skills with nine brand new songs. This is their first release of 2021, fresh off of their 2020 collaboration with Kay the Aquanaut called “Ancient Fish from the Northwest.”

    Winnipeg-based producer and multi-instrumentalist Kitz Willman handles saxophone, piano, bass, drums, and vocals to create experimental jazz influenced by the sampling of hip-hop and heaviness of post-hardcore. Their music is reflective of Ukrainian-Canadian culture, free jazz, and Canadian underground weirdo hip-hop delivered through high energy performances.

    artist: Kitz Willman
    album: Royal Visit to Uranium City
    label: Banned Era Records (Canada)
    genre: Hip-hop / Jazz / Experimental
    release date: March 5, 2021
    lyrics: the entire album is radio-friendly

    Banger: kings (track 1)
    Softer side: only butterflies (track 6)
    Long experimental cut: have you seen the trees? (track 8)
    Weird: dawn (track 7)
    Dancey: always (track 9)

    download the album in MP3 format (rar folder) here:

  2. Hi there, my name is Justin (artist name Cooless). I’ve just released an EP and was hoping you’d take a listen to see if it might be a contender for airplay on your show. I’m Canadian, living in Toronto and all the music is CanCon. I’d be happy to talk/answer any questions and provide you with an mp3 or .wav file of anything that catches your ear. Thanks for your time!


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