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CKMS Community Connections for 21 August 2023 with CxViolet

Show Notes

CxViolet (a man with blond hair wearing a striped shirt and headphones over a white baseball cap sits at a microphone covered in a blue sock in the CKMS-FM studio)

CxViolet comes into the studio for a Live, On-Air, In-Studio performance, and talks to Bob Jonkman about his start in music, vocal training, composition, trying new things, and his upcoming EP Hackerboy and an album with The New People.

The interview starts at 4m10s.



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Time Title Album Artist
0m00s Theme for CKMS Community Connections ccc CKMS Sunflower logo (yellow petals surrounding a black centre with white wavies all on a teal background)
CKMS Community Connections
Steve Todd
0m51s Glimpse of Us (a man with his back to the camera plays piano, the background is very orange)
4m10s We are having a technical difficulty! Talking about Glimpse of Us by Joji. The musician or artist isn’t always in control of creating music or art. Inspiration from Mr. Alonzo in high school, then to university for a Bachelor in Classical Music, the Romantic Era. CxViolet doesn’t play much of that any more, but it influences composition now. Introducing the Introduction Piece.

11m38s Introduction Piece and Hackerboy CKMS Logo - yellow sunflower with a black centre with diagonal wavies on a circular teal background, transparent background to corners
Live, On-Air, In-Studio
16m19s Talking about CxViolet’s vocal range and voice training — everyone can find the voice they have to shape the art they create. Talking about the origins of Hackerboy, and the origins of CxViolet.
22m25s Bob makes a pitch to local musicians to submit their music to with KWCon in the subject line for people from Waterloo Region, and CanCon for Canadians further away.
22m49s CxViolet has played locally, but right now is taking time to hone his composition. CxViolet likes taking spaces that normally don’t play music and turning them into musical venues. Looking for venues and opportunities! Contact @_cxviolet on Instagram! Talking about other social media presences. The first self-hosted show was at AOK, a video game bar. Performing with The New People, working on starting a label / publishing house / band. Introducing “the roadies” Stevie and Naomi, and the next song, still untitled.
27m40s Untitled CKMS Logo - yellow sunflower with a black centre with diagonal wavies on a circular teal background, transparent background to corners
Live, On-Air, In-Studio
31m38s Is this song autobiographical? All songs carry some biographical fingerprints. Talking about guitar technique. CxViolet is self-taught, claims he doesn’t know what he’s doing. Recently took up rock climbing, the forearm muscles are killing. Lyrics first, or music first? For this song, it came all at once. CxViolet pushes beyond the familiar, trying new things outside the norm. CxViolet writes for CxViolet, and the fans follow along. CxViolet doesn’t perform covers; for anything he likes well enough to cover he wants to do it justice. Talking about performance rights, SOCAN; any agents or managers should contact @_cxviolet. Music is a full-time gig, but CxViolet is sitting in the broke-artist trope. CxViolet got some grants from arts councils to offset recording expenses. CxViolet plays, records, produces everthing with the help of friend and artist-partner Stevie (more than a roadie!).
40m34s Bob asks for another song, CxViolet sets up to improvise something. Asks Bob for a key (G), sad or happy (happy), something for end-of-summer.
41m18s Improvisation CKMS Logo - yellow sunflower with a black centre with diagonal wavies on a circular teal background, transparent background to corners
Live, On-Air, In-Studio
43m00s CxViolet claims not to have practiced this before the show, he just knows some chord progressions. Talking about piano lessons.
44m26s What’s coming up in the future? The Hackerboy EP in late September, followed by The New People album in October. CxViolet is working on 40 songs, ready to come out. He’ll be putting out music until he has no more music to put out, but feels there’s an infinite reservoir inside him. CxViolet has a three-year plan, maybe ending with a world tour. Playing outside Waterloo Region, playing at festivals, and playing in the classical sphere. CxViolet wouldn’t go back to playing classical, but might put those skills towards film scoring or video game scoring. Doesn’t do the restaurant / bar piano gigs, except for the pay. Prefers performing in non-musical venues. Maybe turn his attic studio into a venue, to host maybe ten people. Maybe doing secret concerts like Sofar Sounds. Working with The New People to help others find their voice, and playing with other artists.
50m55s Appearing in the Jillian video with I, The Mountain. CxViolet received the sweetest worded e-mail ever, and couldn’t say no after that. The idea was to get people together who are a little bit unique and have a unique sense of self. CxViolet was very impressed with how the production came together.
52m29s Dealing with an unreceptive audience: CxViolet hasn’t really experienced that, has some tricks up his sleeve, such as asking “Name a key” and making an improvisation. But the fan base is well curated, so that hardly ever happens. The fan base exists as far away Europe and South America.

And Bob gives the end credits.

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CxViolet, a man wearing a striped shirt and headphones over a white baseball cap sitting at a microphone and plays guitar. There is also a very large synthesizer on the desk in front of him)
CxViolet plays guitar in a Live, On-Air, In-Studio performance!

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