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CKMS Community Connections for 22 April 2022: All KWCon Music

Show Notes

Distant Seconds | Kleon (line drawing of a keyboard player, drummer, and guitar player)
Local Music is Sexy – Austin Kleon
Today we have nothing but KWCon music — music by musicians from Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Wilmot, Wellesley, Woolwich, and North Dumfries. All recent releases, too!

If you’re a Waterloo Region musician and want to get your music on the radio check out How To Submit Music and we’ll add it to our library!


Download: ckms-community-connections-2022-04-22-episode094.mp3 (56.1 MB, 58m26s, episode 094)


Time Title Album Artist
0m00s Theme for CKMS Community Connections ccc CKMS Sunflower logo (yellow petals surrounding a black centre with white wavies all on a teal background)
CKMS Community Connections
Steve Todd
1m30s Letter Truth or Deceiver | HotKid (collage of  cutout sections of photos of  a woman's face)
Truth or Deceiver
4m07s Mirror, Mirror
7m36s She She | Courtney Wolfe (closeup photo of a pink flower)
Courtney Wolfe
12m01s Renfield Drive (Story of a Woman) Electric Gas (illustration of a wall plate with an electrical outlet and a gas flame on a yellow background)
Electric Gas
Electric Gas
15m17s The Pain Holds On
20m22s My Love Stays Dry Electric Gas | The Scars Stay (illustration of a wall plate with an electrical outlet and a gas flame on a blue background)
The Scars Stay
27m10s Once Upon A Time Songs of Kitchener (illustration of a woman watching children in a playground with a music staff floating around her)
Songs of Kitchener
Mary Abel-Malek Neil
30m19s The Hohner Ave. Porch Party Song
34m25s For The Weary I'm Who I Am (photo of Mary Abdel-Malek Neil sitting in front of a wall covered in large graffiti)
I’m Who I Am
38m00s Zarcero (Steve Todd playing guitar)
Steve Todd
45m40s I’m Not Over You Yet
52m25s California M 9 2 (Katy Topham playing guitar)
Katy Topham
56m11s Stinging Nettle Ponysapien (clouds over water, coloured with a spectrum of colours)

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