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CKMS Community Connections for 5 October 2020 with David Marskell of THEMUSEUM

Show Notes

David Marskell at the microphone
David Marskell
Bob Jonkman chats with David Marskell of THEMUSEUM about the operation of a museum, the exhibits, the history, and upcoming exhibits. And we play some CanCon and local KWCon music too!

The interview starts at 6m35s.


M | THEMUSEUM (white M and text on a red background)

Upcoming Events

See all the events on THEMUSEUM‘s Events calendar.


Download: ckms-community-connections-2020-10-05-episode061.mp3 (57.7 MB, 59m59s, episode 061)

Podcast Index

Time Title Artist Album
0m00s Theme for CKMS Community Connections ccc Steve Todd CKMS Community Connections
0m26s My Time Bano
(now Astral Gates)
Astral Gates (text in a circle with psychedelic illustrations surrounding)Astral Gates
4m26s Dangerous Girl
5m35s Bob reads the bio for Bano, now known as Astral Gates. Chatting with David Marskell: The state of THEMUSEUM during the pandemic, both physical and online. Reviewing some current events at THEMUSEUM. A bit of history, how THEMUSEUM came to downtown Kitchener. THEMUSEUM is still open for weddings; other collaborative exhibits with the CNE and Bingemans. Permanent exhibits as remnants from The Children’s Museum, some more history. Still open for walk-in visitors, seniors’ program, couples. About the Alarm exhibit (open until January 2021), the Land Back Camp exhibit, Music and Islamic Art. About the Underground Studio, a makerspace for STEAM.
19m24s Cowboy Chelsey Danfield Chelsey Danfield | Cowboy (portrait of Chelsey Danfield surrounded by flowers)Cowboy
22m18s Chatting with David Marskell about the branding of THEMUSEUM, with no collection it is officially THEMUSEUM of Ideas Transcending Objects; David Marskell’s background at other organizations; staffing at THEMUSEUM; partnerships with other museums and organizations; working online. Talking about funding THEMUSEUM.
41m07s Heal Your Soul Jacob Bradshaw
(Portrait of Jacob Bradshaw with a "Parental Advisory | Explicit Content" sticker in the lower left corner)
Jacob Bradshaw
45m15s Bob reads Jacob Bradshaw’s e-mail to the station. Chatting with David Marskell about show business; the structure of THEMUSEUM – Board of Directors, volunteering, marketing. Introducing the upcoming blockbuster exhibition: The Rolling Stones | UNZIPPED
56m40s Gimme Shelter
and Bob Jonkman gives the show credits
The Rolling Stones Rolling Stones Let It Bleed (four plastic figures on a cake, on a tire, on a pancake, on a plate, on a film can, all on a record player spindle over a 12 inch vinyl record with a grammophone arm on it)Let It Bleed

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Bonus Footage

YouTube: CKMS Community Connections for 5 October 2020

Please pardon the persistent on-screen graphic. I was trying out some new-to-me software (OBS Studio), but I don’t have enough hands to do both radio and video at the same time…

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