Amy Veener, with glasses and wearing a coat, stands in front of a brown brick building, with a sign reading "ACCKWA" in black letter on the white background above a door behind her.

CKMS News – 2020-12-17 – No safety net for sex workers of Waterloo Region

Host: Ivan Angelovski

December 17 is the International day to end violence against sex workers. If things were normal, on that day Kitchener and Waterloo would be painted in red, with sex workers and advocates coming together, carrying red umbrellas, a symbol for sex workers rights. 

Those rights are in danger even in the best of times, and during pandemic, things went through the roof. 

We’re talking with Amy Venner of ACCKWA – The AIDS Committee Of Cambridge, Kitchener, Waterloo & Area, who is also a co-chair of SWAN – Sex Workers Action Network of Waterloo Region (@SWAN_Waterloo).

To follow along with the International Day To End Violence Against Sex Workers on social media networks – use #IDEVASW 

This program is a part of the “Local Journalism Initiative” grant program and is funded by the Community Radio Fund of Canada, the Government of Canada, and the CKMS Newsroom.

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