A digital map with aerial imagery in Google Earth, with FlightAware data tracing the route of airplane CF-WHD, which was used to trail a sky banner reading "The land of Israel, God's gift to the Jews" around Kitchener Waterloo on July 5th, 2024. Highlighted in orange, the route loops around the Gaza House encampment at the university of waterloo several times before continuing on. The location of Gaza House is marked on the map with a small slice of watermelon. The map title sits near the top right of the image and reads: Flight path of CHWHD on July 5th towing religion sky-banner. Originating at YKF the plane looped around Gaza House and UW before circling a few other points. Below the title is the legend with Gaza House and an icon of a Watermelon slice, and July 5th CFWHD-12:14-13:48 and an icon of three dots connected by a line. In the bottom right is a scale with 1km and a line. On the bottom left if "Google Earth"

CKMS News -2024-07-08- “A gross way to intimidate” – Independent Jewish Voices WR decries sky-banner

CKMS News -2024-07-08- “A gross way to intimidate” – Independent Jewish Voices WR decries sky-banner

dan kellar

Kitchener, ON – On Friday July 5th, a plane departed from the Region of Waterloo airport (YKF), trailing a sky-banner with religious messaging as it looped around KW for nearly two hours.  According to online flight data, the plane looped directly above the Gaza House encampment at UW several times along its route, before heading back to the airport.

CKMS News interviewed Lauren Weinberg of Independent Jewish Voices – Waterloo Region. Weinberg spoke about the “intimidating” messaging, and how she and others felt when reading the words on the banner.

CKMS News contacted YKF about the banner and was told that “The Region of Waterloo International Airport does not offer sky banner advertising and has no oversight over advertising banners.”

Contacted by CKMS News, the plane’s operator, Flite Line Charters for comment, however, the company would not divulge their client, and said that “no one is available to comment on this” situation.

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