Coral’s FM’s Crazy Christmas Show 2015!

Coral's Crazy Christmas Show 2015! Here is my 2015  Christmas Show with Songs, and Sounds, of the Season  ….. and my very  special guests Bev Finnegan, of The Blue Moon Resturant, Rai Madge, of the KW Boathouse,  Glimmer Twin/Partner in Creative Crime,  Joyce Domingo,  plus Musicians Extraordinare – Lynn Jackson, Jesse Webber, Cory Williams and Mike McDonald.  Plus Mr. Hankey!

Lynn talks about Busted Flat Boxing Day Party at The Boathouse tonight! and her upcoming Western Tour.

Bev and Rai talk about New Year’s Eve at The Blue Moon with The Beggar’s Banquet !!! and more events for 2016,  Rai chats about The KW Boathouse, NYE’s bash with Third Coast Kings,  and Jesse chats about the latest news  with Pink Floyd Songbook Band  – Crazy Diamonds,  plus Mike McDonald’s Monster Jam every second Sunday at the KW Boathouse ,  and much more.

Just Like Ye Olde Radio Days,  we had One Mike and everyone gathered all around it. There were toasts to those we lost from Jesse’s **Uncle Mark Webber, to our pal musician Steve Toms.**

Special thanks to all my sponsors this year – Far Out Flicks, Lookin’ For Heroes, Cafe Pyrus, Encore Records, Starlight, The Guitar Corner. The Blue Moon Restaurant, and The KW Baothouse!

Thanks to the quick wits of these Magnificent Seven general silliness often ensured because … having fun with your closest friends is what Christmas is all about!

Krimble Merry and Cheers!

Coral FM!

Music includes Christmas faves from Alice Cooper, Iron Maiden, Billy Idol., The Pogues, David Bowie and Bing Crosby, Danny Elfman,  The Nutcracker Suite, and ELO.

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