Denim Radio show’s Episode 139 features the Friends of CKMS Funding Drive!!


Denim Radio Ep. 139 is all about the funding drive!!
Tonight at 8 PM EST.

Jungle vs. House and everything in between!?!? The donors decide today!! Who’s feeling more generous?!? …
The junglists or house heads?

Donate TODAY, drop your request for the tunes in today’s set and get an invite and ticket to our exclusive appreciation event and live show on March 24th! Where Denim himself will be hosting and playing LIVE! Tons of other great insectives and prizes to be won and claimed for donating to CKMS today! VVV

Donate / tickets at:

Event link:

Tune in to 102.7 Radio Waterloo tonight! And…
Hope to see you this Saturday !!!

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