Elmira Theatre Company’s Mary Ann Kennedy chats about Menopositive The Musical

Menopositive The Musical now playing at The Elmira Theatre Company.
Menopositive The Musical now playing at The Elmira Theatre Company.

A roller coaster ride of laughter and tears, moments of reflection and genuine friendship.

The hilarious and poignant musical comedy tells the story of four 50ish women who come together to stage a review for their 35th high school reunion. What unfolds is a rolicking and riveting explosion of music, revelations and gut-splitting humour.

Four women are rehearsing a musical for their 35th high school reunion and as they rehearse, they get to know each other, for better or for worse.. in this comedy/drama about growing old … and everything that comes with it whether we like it or not. There is a different bond between women friends than there between is male friends… but men can also relate to this show as well.

This is the story of four women going through the change Marnie, Cynthia, Kate and Zsuzsu… and they decide to get involved to their utter in a musical about menopause written by Kate ….but they do it anyway. Theatre creates unusual families.

Written by J.J. McColl. Directed by Mary Ann Kennedy. Music Director Paul Warder, Menopositive the Musical features ETC Veteran Deb Deckert, with Lindsay Quinn, Tracy Biggar, and Denise Gismondi.

Music by J.J. McColl and Reuben Gurr, Menopositive The Musical is An Out to See Production Originally produced by Musical TheatreWorks and Firehall Arts Centre

Some language and mature humour. Catered by The Stone Crock dinner theatre tickets are $50.  Show only tickets are $20.

Veteran actor/choreographer/director Mary Ann Kennedy and I talked about this very funny and poignant look about four women going through The Change.  Mary Ann also met Menopositive’s creator the late J.J. McColl,  McColl’s good friend Moyra Rodger who workshopped the show with ETC.

Menopositive! The Musical runs from Nov. 14 to Nov. 29, with performances Thursday through Sunday. Tickets are available through Centre in the Square, 519-578-1570 or toll free at 1-800-265-8977. For more information or online tickets, visit www.elmiratheatre.com.

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Here is my lovely and amazing chat with Mary Ann  Kennedy featuring some of her favorite songs from Elmira Theatre Company’s latest production Menopositive the Musical on Coral FM.  I have been to these shows and ETC continues to do a stellar job. Mary Ann and I also chat about the ETC’s 2015 Season.  Break legs! – Coral FM.