Readers Delight Hosted by Jody Swannell. Produced by KW Writers Alliance (Book open with glasses laid on a blanket)

Episode VI of Readers Delight

Readers Delight with cup of coffee


Download: Readers-Delight-2024-06-16.mp3 55 MB, 1h00m02s

Episode VI of Readers Delight – features authors: Suzanne Craig Whytock, Jane Ann McLachlan, and JP Solanki Davie.

Suzanne Craig Whytock read from her book, “Charybdis”. Suzanne’s book is available on Amazon. She is the Editor-in-Chief of DarkWinter Press.
Jane Ann McLachlin read from,  “The Occasional Diamond Thief” You can find Jane’s books on Amazon.
JP Solanki-Davie read from “A Forest Without Trees – Book One”.  This book is available to purchase on Amazon.

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