6 thoughts on “Justice For Sargon – Kim Wilson – Stolen therapy horse/retired racehorse, sold to slaughter”

  1. Yes stop the quick cash theft of our beloved pets… It adds undue stress to horse owners worried our horses will go missing and end up in this gruesome — a person needs to prove ownership when dropping off a horse for slaughter…

    1. Thank you for your comment and your wise words. Horses are stolen continuously for slaughter. Kim’s story about Sargon is a sad one. She has fought long and hard, hopefully, the legal system will reward in her favour, as the people implicated seem very guilty indeed. People commit fraud when they sign stolen horses over to killbuyers. The Canada Food Inspection Agency also need to step up. Thanks again Lenora.

  2. Its unbelieveable that this kind of thing continues to happen. Our Food and Inspection Agency needs to be held accountable as well as the “meat men” buying these horses at auction. Proper paperwork and procedures need to be followed. Back Street Bully suffered the same fate. I am sure those involved with his case could be help as well.

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