LISTEN for Smooth and Contemporary QUINTE JAZZ Saturday January 20, 2024 at 9AM Replay Sunday January 21 2024 at 4PM

After broadcast on SoundCloud
🍁Marc Jordan Everybody Wants To Rule The World WAITING FOR THE SUN TO RISE 2023
🍁The Doxas Brothers Our Man Sam KINDRED 2023
🍁Liona Boyd Cantarium ONCE UPON A TIME 2023
Skip Wilkens Nearly Good Wine IN MORAVA 2023
Johnny Murdaugh The Way Back 2023
🍁 Darren Rahn Table For Two ROCK THE WORLD 2023
Kat Hawley Never Too Busy 2024
Ulysses Owens Jr & Generation Y Soulful A NEW BEAT 2023
🍁Ben Wendel In Anima ALL ONE 2023
Lawrence Fields Vision TO THE SURFACE 2024

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