Listen For Smooth Contemporary QUINTE JAZZ Saturday May 13 at 9 AM REPLAY Sunday May 14 4 PM

After broadcast on SoundCloud

Miles Davis Cobra AMANDLA 1989
Miles Davis Mr. Pastorius AMANDLA 1989
Roxane Reddy Fall JAY WALKING 2023
Herb Alpert Fantasy OVER THE RAINBOW 2022
Rebecca Jade Way It’s Gonna Be A SHADE OF JADE 2022
Jarez Everything You Do SINGLE 2023
Jeff Ryan How I Feel With You SINGLE 2023
Sanah Kadoura When It’s Time DUALITY 2023
Keyan Wiliams Embracing You
Erica Seguine Shon Baker Orchestra Reel THE NEW DAY BENDS LIGHT 2023
AstroColor Dimension Four MOONLIGHTING 2023
Darryl Walker Ribbon In The Sky SINGLE 2023

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