Mano A Mano Netflix selection

For tonight’s Mano A Mano theme we chose our songs based on some great Netflix programs we have been watching. Here is the list of great shows and great songs to compliment them!

Tell us your thoughts and Netflix favourites by tweeting at us: @mamradio

  1. “TV Tunnel” by Shy Child from their album: please consider our Time – generic Netflix support
  2. “Inner Attitude Gage” by Robot Apocalypse in support of the new Marvel show Jessica Jones
  3. “Spider Man 79” by Veruca Salt in support of Spiderman (Alim’s favourite superhero)
  4. “V” by 5th Project – in support of V for Vendetta, The Mindy Project and Luther
  5. “Philadelphia” by Will Curry and the Country French in support of Its always sunny in Philadelphia.
  6. “Dismantling Frank” by Bonobo in support of the the movie Frank.
  7. “Bag of Hammers” by Tao in support of Property Brothers
  8. “Wheat Kings” by The Tragically Hip in support of Making a Murderer
  9. “Karate Space Tiger vs. The Humpin Jumpmaster (swordfighting in the jungle) by The Wet Secrets in support of Blackfish, Cosmos and The Tiger and the Monk


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