Robot Apocalypse Collective

This is the new semi-hidden home of the Robot Apocalypse Collective collaborative creation site. If you were sent this link please check out some of the skeleton tracks below, if you are able to add to any tracks please do!

When finished send us a link (dropbox, google drive etc.) where we can download your contribution. Once we have many collaborations we will mix it down and release it. We always feature all our collaborators bands and/or solo work here on CKMS – Radio Waterloo in abundance!!

To download right click the song download and choose “save as”. If there currently aren’t any that you think you can collaborate on OR you have a start to a track that we should add to let us know! We are always working to make more!

Monolith:  Download WAV


Sunny D: Download Wav


Go with It: Download Wav

The first full album was pressed to vinyl and boasted many local and national collaborators.

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