Recognizing Michael Hendricks and Melissa Bell


Be Kind To One Another

Today we are recognizing Michael Hendricks who saved a 9 month old baby and Melissa Bell’s quote on how we can be kind to one another.

She told 100.3 Sound FM CKMS Radio Waterloo, “When I yelled for help and for someone to call 911, the other patrons simply sat and stared at me like I was crazy, and no one reached for their phones. We are so suspicious of every one out there that is a stranger. I think we could mend those bridges by simply saying ‘hello’ to ppl you pass on the street. We’re so wrapped up in out own lives and stresses that someone’s accidentally bumping into you is a personal insult and so often the reaction is anger. Let’s reconnect to those around us by being polite and saying, ‘hi’!”

I also shared some kindness stories brought to you by along with the interview of Karli Walters and Michael Hendricks courtesy of Global News. You can also read the other article on 570 News where Michael Hendricks and Karli Walters were also interviewed as well since Michael Hendricks saved the life of a 9 month old baby.

Furthermore, I have also posted the interview of Jane Elliott as well and I played that on my show as well.

Enjoy the show and enjoy your week as well as your weekend! :).