The Electrifying Episode 1 & 2 Artists

We recently released Episode 1 and 2 of our Audio Comic that promotes arts and culture from across Canada. A HUGE part of this multimedia comic is the artwork that is done by various local artist. Our Audio Assault for this past week was to play some songs in dedication to our Episode 1 and 2 artists.

I’m not sure why we decided to do Batman voices in their honour but we did.

Artist for Episode 1:
Alex Palczewski is a local Waterloo artist who recently wrote a children’s book called “The Princess of Lost Things”. Her visual art is mainly done using oil paints and water colours. Find more art from Alex here:

Artist for Episode 2:
At the time of creation, Sophia Westrop was a local High-school student who was interested in getting involved with the comic. Find more of her artwork here:

Check out both of their artwork here in Episode 2:

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