The Electrifying Adventures Begin Again!

The Electrifying Adventures Begin Again!

The Electrifying Adventure Begins Again!

Featuring Music By:

1) Death From above 1979

Mentions of  “The Robot Apocalypse Collective” band that will release one original track each episode.

This collective has contributions from:
1) Gary Cain of the Gary Cain Band
2) Parker Bossley of Fur Trade, The Gay Nineties and The Mounties
3) Ryan Stanley of the Cursed Arrows
4) Ryan Dahle of Limblifter, The Mounties and the Age of Electric
6) Brad Merritt of 54-40
7) Ian Somers of Limblifter and Love and Mathematics
8) Elsa Jayne of Elsa Jayne
9) The #TDIT DJ’s fleshing out the band.
9a) DJ Jeff E Jeff of the Electrifying Sessions
9b) DJ Moses Bogart of Straight outta the pit punk rock radio
9c) DJ Mattador of Mano A Mano
9d) DJ AdRock of Mano A Mano
9e) DJ Steel of Mano A Mano

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