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  1. Ryan Maguire, a Toronto based indie rock songwriter announces his upcoming launch March 5th at the Magpie TapRoom. (831 Dundas St W, Toronto).
    The launch celebrates the release of the Flight of the Space Baby album and the much anticipated Space Baby video. The video was 1 year in the making and features collaboration with Canadian animator Greg Doble.
    Space Baby highlights the challenges of new millennium dreamers.
    We’d like to give SoundFM a sneak preview of the Space Baby Video and song. We are very excited about it!

    To access the Space Baby video ( sneak preview only – not for release until March 5th) click here:

    Flight Of The Space Baby Album – High quality MP3’s for Radio play

    Ryan Maguire on Youtube

    Let us know if you need any additional material and if you will be using the song on your playlists.
    Ryan Maguire
    Ryan Maguire

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