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Summary of New Music Added to LibreTime + Horizon Broadening Hour #2

What’s up, y’all? As promised, here is the summary of new music I have added since the last post:

Friends From Church Friends From Church Pop Unknown
Ducks Ltd. Modern Fiction Indie Rock CanCon
Ben Caplan Recollection (Reimagined) Indie Rock CanCon
Thierry Larose Cantalou Traditional CanCon
Girlfriends & Boyfriends Fallacy of Fairness Alternative No
Maria Muldaur Let’s Get Happy Together Jazz No
The Reed Effect 1973 Alternative Unknown
Mista1touch Fire Touch Ice Pop CanCon (presumed)
Finny McConnel The Dark Streets of Love Rock CanCon
Balrogath Nameless Terror Metal CanCon
Kyra and the Tully TIME Country/Folk CanCon
Osyron Foundations (EP) Metal CanCon
The Stonehouse Band Stonehouse, Vol 1: The Escarpment Sessions Other CanCon
The Jerry Gross Organization Processed Hearts Indie Rock CanCon
Taken by Sanity Saturn Days Alternative CanCon
Dylan Hennessy Dylan Hennessy EP Rock I may have mislabelled this one as CanCon, not sure, please don’t kill me if I did CanCon
whatshisface concentrated gibberish Rap Unknown
Various Artists Cover Art Various Genres CanCon
Fools Like You Fools Like You Rock Unknown
Hinterlandband Bon Echo Jazz Unknown
Dri Hiev Dri Hiev Industrial CanCon
Mo Faux Hollow Heart Dance/House CanCon
Luka Kuplowsky Stardust Indie Rock CanCon
Dave Cherub Dave Cherub Country/Folk CanCon (presumed)
Jess Knights Best Kind of Light Pop CanCon
Last Birds Last Birds Pop CanCon
M.T. Walker Horizons Country & Folk Unknown
Hyperia Insanatorium Metal CanCon (partially)
Les Elles Pamela Peacemaker Pop CanCon (presumed)
Six Corners Six Corners Country & Folk CanCon
Kylo Kylo Electro/Pop CanCon
Satellite & The Harpoonist Satellite Man Blues CanCon
Motus & Lotusts Exoplanets Psychedlic Rock CanCon
The Montreal Rock Band Man Down III (Demo) Rock All presumed CanCon
Loryn Taggart The Art of Pulling Through Folk/Jazz/Pop/Ballad CanCon
Dave Cherub Climate Songs (for Lovers) Psychedlic Rock/Americana/Power-Pop CanCon

Also, as promised, here is The Horizon Broadening Hour #2, if you can’t wait until 10:00 PM:

Here is the tracklist:

The Painters – Somewhere
Dave Cherub – Waiting for Your Cookie
Loryn Taggart – Scandal Monger
Dani Nash – Fantasy
Touching – Two Solitudes
Girlpuppy – Miniature Furniture
Lou-Adrianne Cassidy – oui le serpent nous guette
Ducks Ltd. – Eighteen Cigarettes
Kylo – Undertow
Mofaux – Heart Don’t Want to Know
Mista1touch – Protect wi Land
Phonosonics – Dark-Haired Dub
Beautiful Nubia and the Roots Renaissance Band – Itana Odede
Matt Sellick & Jesse Cook – Soot
Maria Muldaur – Some Sweet Day
Rakkatak – Forgive and Forget
Dri Hiev – Garbage for Labour
Hyperia – Unleash the Pigs
Osyron – Ignite
Balrogath – Mindslayer
Motusts & Lotusts – Avulsion 2020
Godspeed You, Black Emporer! – A Military Alphabet (five eyes all blind) [Physical CD Version]
Evelyne Brochu – Copie Carbone
Couer de Pirate – Printemps
Karen Morand and the Bosco Boys – Coffee
Barney Bentall – Upstairs Downstairs (for Penny)

See y’all next time!

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