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CKMS Community Connections for 16 November 2020 with Dan Walsh of Guitars For Kids


Show Notes

Dan Walsh (wearing headphones)
Dan Walsh

Dan Walsh joins Bob Jonkman to play some guitar, and to talk about Guitars For Kids Waterloo Region and the fundraiser they’re having on Sunday 22 November 2020.

The interview starts at 4m52s.

Dan Walsh Online:

Guitars For Kids (illustration of a guitar)

Guitars For Kids Online:

Guitars For Kids (image in the shape of a guitar pick, with a guitar body)

Guitars For Kids Upcoming Events


Download: ckms-community-connections-2020-11-16-episode068.mp3 (56.7 MB, 59m00s, episode 068)

Podcast Index

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Time Title Artist Album
0m00s Theme for CKMS Community Connections ccc Steve Todd CKMS Community Connections
0m26s Universal Diesel Dan Walsh Dan Walsh | Virtusoso (Dan Walsh playing guitar)Virtusoso
4m53s Dan Walsh tells Bob Jonkman it’s “Virtusoso”, not “Virtuoso”. Talking about beards, playing guitar, teaching, how it was in “before times”, performing online, cancelled shows in the event list, the vibe of playing live, talking about The Moonshine Café,
20m35s Bricks
Live, On-Air, In-Studio!
Dan Walsh Dan Walsh | LEWP (headstock of a guitar with the Beardzone logo)LEWP
23m15s LEWP is “Line Echo Weather Pattern”; Dan’s 2006 National Replicon 14 guitar, the mojo of guitar sound. Practicing or playing? Experimenting with Open Tuning. Where’s the soul in music? Not in Nashville, apparently… Stolen guitars, sentimental value.
37m57s Movin’ On
Live, On-Air, In-Studio!
Dan Walsh

Bentbeard Logo (ilustration of Dan Walsh's head and beard)
41m51s Interpreting Movin’ On, recovering a stolen guitar. Too many guitars? Getting around to Guitars For Kids Waterloo Region and the fundraiser; “Blue Box for Guitars”; how people donate guitars; the spread of Guitars For Kids across the country and North America; the donors that provide services to GFK; Video documentary coming out on Sunday, 22 November 2020 at http://guitarsforkids.ca/; Art Guitar auction at https://www.32auctions.com/gfkwr.
58m44s Drive Me To Drink
Excerpt as Bob signs off for the week
Chelsey Danfield Chelsey Danfield | Cowboy (portrait of Chelsey Danfield surrounded by flowers)Cowboy

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Bonus Footage

YouTube: CKMS Community Connections for 16 November 2020

In the Radio Waterloo Studio B looking through the window to the control room (Studio A), with Bob Jonkman in the background and Dan Walsh's National Replicon 14 resonator guitar in the foreground
In the studio for CKMS Community Connections. That’s Dan Walsh’s National Replicon 14 resonator guitar in the foreground. Picture by Dan Walsh.

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