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CKMS Community Connections for 29 January 2024 with Barbara Spronk of CFUW and Melissa Star Ireland of Indigenous Relations UW

Show Notes are in progress! Check this page later for updates!

Melissa Star Ireland (a woman with long dark hair smiling into the camera)
Melissa Star Ireland
Barbara Spronk (a woman with grey hair wearing headphones and speaking into a microphone)
Barbara Spronk

Show Notes

Barbara Spronk of CFUW-KW and Melissa Star Ireland of Indigenous Relations UW join Jenniefer Strong and Bob Jonkman to discuss the Indigenous Film Festival taking place in February.

The interview starts at 3m00s.

Office of Indigenous Relations at University of Waterloo:

Melissa provided us with some additional information on other Indigenous Relations programs:

Conestoga College Indigenous Services

Be-Dah-Bin Gamik, a Place of New Beginnings provides services for Indigenous students at Conestoga College, including those who are First Nations (status and non-status), Métis and Inuit. It is a warm, welcoming and comfortable environment that assists students with a smooth transition to college life by providing ongoing student support. The leader there is ​Christina Restoule, Manager.

Wilfrid Laurier University

We’ve been working with Bonnie Whitlow of The Office of Indigenous Relations at Laurier which has been working toward the goal of Indigenization, a term that reflects the incorporation of Indigenous knowledge into the daily life of the university.


  • Website: cfuw KITCHENER-WATERLOO (stylized logo of an open book, with each page a different colour looking like flames)https://www.cfuwkw.org/
  • Twitter (X): @CFUWKW | Twitter
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  • Upcoming Events

    Winter Storytelling: A Celebration of Indigenous Film | 2024 Film Series | Mon Feb 5 at 2pm - Run Woman Run | Mon Feb 12 at 2pm - Beans | Wed Feb 28 at 7pm - Bones of Crows | Princess Twin Cinema | 46 King St. N. Waterloo | Sponsored by CFUW-KW in partnership with Conestoga College, Wilfrid Laurier University, and University of Waterloo | Discussion to follow each film | FREE ADMISSION | We welcome donations to Indigenous Youth Roots (logo of CFUW-KW on the left, a single feather on the right, and logo of Indigenous Youth Roots at the bottom)
    Poster for CFUW-KW Indigenous Film Series
    Winter Storytelling: A Celebration of Indigenous Film

    All films are showing at the Princess Twin Cinemas. There will be a discussion after each film. Free Admission!

    • Run Woman Run
    • Beans
      • When: 2:00pm on Monday 12 February 2024
      • Info and Trailer: Beans (2020)
    • Bones of Crows


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    Bonus Video

    YouTube: CKMS Community Connections for Monday 29 January 2024
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