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CKMS Community Connections for 15 June 2020 with Athanase and Sven Gali

Bob Jonkman and his hot pink mic sock!
Bob Jonkman and his hot pink mic sock!
It’s the first day back in the studio after the Covid shutdown, and show hosts are required to take precautions: The station has provided hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, and mic socks!

Two great interviews today, but unfortunately we didn’t get to all the new music submitted this week. It’s in our library, though, so stay tuned to CKMS-FM 102.7 and you’ll hear it in our other programs!

Show Notes

Athanase (letters over a picture of the band playing on a rustic stage)

Interview with Jason Baronette of Athanase

The interview starts at 7m00s.


Sven Gali (five members of the band)
Sven Gali

Interview with Dave Wanless of Sven Gali

The interview starts at 42m45s.


  • Website: https://www.svengali.ca/
  • Facebook: Sven Gali | Facebook
  • Apple Music: Sven Gali | Apple Music
  • YouTube: Sven Gali Official
  • Spotify: Sven Gali | Spotify
  • Podcast

    Download: ckms-community-connections-2020-06-15-episode047.mp3 (54 MiBytes, 59m00s, episode 047)

    Podcast Index

    • 00m49s: Athanase | Wolves AthanaseTimes Like These from the album Time Like These
    • 04m58s: AthanaseLion from the Album yellowbird
    • 07m00s: Interview with Jason Athanase Baronette from Athanase: Origin of the band name, inspiration for Wolves.
    • 12m54s: AthanaseWolves
    • 16m25s: Creating music with the band, the band lineup, instrumentation, the first album yellowbird
    • 20m38s: AthanaseCeiling Songs from the Album yellowbird
    • 24m30s: About the new single Too Late To Follow, recorded separately, for Bandcamp’s promotion. Contact info and upcoming events, coming to Maxwell’s in KW.
    • 28m55s: AthanaseToo Late to Follow
    • 32m04s: AthanaseBattlefield from the Album yellowbird
    • 35m19s: Krista Hartman | I'm Your Garden | you can rain down on me if you like, but don't forget to shed some light, I'm your garden (illustration of a woman's head, with stars and flowers) Krista HartmanI’m Your Garden
    • 39m23s: 3 | Sven Gali (very stylized woodcut illustration of a face, suitable for a tattoo) Sven GaliNow from the EP 3
    • 42m38s: Interview with Dave Wanless from Sven Gali: Members of the band; playing music across Canada since 1992, releasing a new album, history of the band lineup, re-releasing early material.
    • 49m00s: Sven GaliKill The Lies from the EP 3
    • 51m57s: The power of Hard Rock, remembering Saga and Helix, origin of the band name, future gigs.
    • 58m00s: Sven GaliYou Won’t Break Me from the EP 3

    And we didn’t get to…

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