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CKMS Community Connections for 1 February 2021

Show Notes

The Coronavirus has not yet been defeated, and the Radio Waterloo studio remains closed for both guests and show hosts. So I dug through my overflowing e-mail inbox, and found some new Canadian musicians and a few I’ve played before. Enjoy!

(portat of Dan D'Urbano and Evan Falcone, B&W)
Astral Gates: Dan D’Urbano and Evan Falcone

Astral Gates

Dichroma (orange letters on black background)


(portrait of Rellik wearing a long-sleeved T-shirt)


(six members of Nebullama at a lake shore)
Nebullama: Tracey Richard, Jesse Jomphe, Joey Jomphe, Tanya Daigle, Brandon Larocque, Alexandre Tremblay


Portrait of seven members of Weak Size Fish, some sitting, some standing
Weak Size Fish: Nick Mazerolle, Andrew Thomson, Greg Profit, Bryan Munn, Jeannine Gallant, Juan Morales, Adam Tattersall

Weak Size Fish

Portrait of Elephant Skeletons
Elephant Skeletons

Elephant Skeletons

Portrait of DJ Liquid N8V
DJ Liquid N8V

DJ Liquid N8V

From Waterloo Region!

Music List

Start Title Creator Album
00m00s Theme for CKMS Community Connections ccc Steve Todd CKMS Community Connections
00m26s Cold Sweat Astral Gates  
03m04s Day You Die Bano Astral Gates
06m46s War For War Dichroma Two
10m15s Real Time
15m58s Thank You ft. Lase Rellik  
19m07s Nebullama Nebullama Vol. 1
22m26s Midnight Blue
28m07s Interdimensional Weak Size Fish The Drift
31m08s Roots Of Creation
41m40s Awake Alright
46m40s Up The Flow Dj Liquidn8v CoronaVirus Immune Builder
52m04s Extro Credits Bob Jonkman CKMS Community Connections
52m44s In Need Of A Time Machine Dj Liquidn8v CoronaVirus Immune Builder
58m21s Don’t Go Back

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