The Daily GRRR! – July 17, 2014 – In/Security Edition

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The Daily GRRR!
HEADLINES for July 17, 2014
1. Pipelines Spill
2. Rodent River Protectors
3. Fracking Shaking Up the States
4. California Restricts Water Use In Face of Drought
5. Water Crising Nearing in Gaza
6. Pan Am Policing
7. Work in Ontario Precarious
8. Property Seizures Pay For RCMP Surveillance
9. Prison sentence for Photographing Anti-Drone Protest

Midway Music: Moxy Fruvous – “River Valley”

Feature: A new interview with Deepan Budlakoti, talking about his case where despite holding only Canadian citizenship and having lived in the country his …read more

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