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Welcome, I am your host Dan Kellar and you are listening to The Daily GRRR! Waves Through Walls: Prison Radio, on 100.3fm, CKMS in Waterloo, Ontario. on the web, today is May 30th 2014.

We are broadcasting from the centre of the Haldimand Tract, the occupied Grand River Territory of the Six Nations (Haudenosaunee).

The Daily GRRR! is a project of the Grand River Media Collective; and is supported by the Community Radio Fund of Canada and CKMS.

The clip that kicked off the show was from Mumia Abu-Jamal speaking on the life of Activist and Poet Maya Angelou who passed away this week. Check for more of Mumia’s podcasts.

Today’s feature will be an article re-posted to the Toronto media co-op from the looking at where things sit in the situation regarding the Toronto cop who killed Sammy Yatim, constable James Forcillo.

Now we will start with today’s headlines, many highlighting that police forces are a rotten orchard, full of bad apples:

The Daily GRRR!

HEADLINES for May 30th 2014

1. Man Dies in Police Custody In Winnipeg

2. 24-Year Veteran of Winnipeg Police Force Charged With Assault and Obstruction

3. UK Cops arrest Man Wearing Pig Mask for Impersonating an Officer

4. Women Sues Texas County After Baby Dies During Isolated Childbirth in Jail

5. VP of Federal Prison Guards Union Takes Stand Against Harper”s Conservatives

6. Upcoming Ottawa Convergence To End Immigration Detention

7. President of Criminal Lawyers’ Association Slams Police-Check Rules

8. Root Backdoors Found in Surveillance Gear

9. Permanent Protest Camp Set-Up at Utah Tar Sands Mine

1. Man Dies in Police Custody In Winnipeg

Several Winnipeg police officers have been placed on administrative leave after a man died in their custody, several hours after being arrested for a disturbance.

The 40 year old man died last Thursday after what police are describing as a “medical emergency” and he was taken to the hospital in critical condition.- the homicide squad is investigating the death.

2. 24-Year Veteran of Winnipeg Police Force Charged With Assault and Obstruction

And staying in Winnipeg, a veteran cop has been charged with assault and obstructing justice after an off-duty incident that is being kept quiet by the police force. 47-year old Sgt. Kenneth Molloy, has been a decorated and celebrated cop, holding training positions and heading units. The thin veneer of that shiny record easily breaks away as yet another cop is charged with a crime.

3.UK Cops arrest Man Wearing Pig Mask for Impersonating an Officer

In the UK, Steven Peers, a 46 year old father of four was recently arrested in Manchester for impersonating a police officer. Peers was wearing a noticeable costume in his ongoing campaign to call attention and raise awareness about police corruption and misconduct.

While his costume did include a mock police hat and jacket, the pig mask that he was wearing should have made it obvious that he was in fact not a police officer. …read more

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