The Lost Indie City “Radio Theme” Set- list Jan 17 2016

The Lost Indie City “Radio Theme” Set- list Jan 17 2016

David Bowie – DJ

Wonder Stuff – Radio Ass Kiss

21 Pilots – Car Radio

PWEI – Can You Dig It?

Catherine Wheel – Spirit of Radio

Presidents of the United States of America – Video Killed the Radio Star

Ramones – We  Want the Airwaves

The Clash – Capital 1 Radio

Selector – On My Radio

Radiohead – Karma Police

Libertines – Radio America

TV on the Radio – Province

Stiff Little Fingers – Can’t Say Crap on the Radio

Radio Birdman – Aloha, Steve & Dano

Replacements – Left of the Dial

REM – Radio Free Europe

Smiths – Panic

Dead 60’s – Riot Radio

RATM – Guerilla Radio

System of a Down – Radio/video

Korn – Twisted Transistor

Joy Division – Transmission

Primitive Radio Gods – Standing outside a Broken……

Pukka Orchestra – Listen to the Radio

Stan Ridgeway – Mexican Radio

Velvet Underground – Rock and Roll

Scotty/Pete Gang – Rappers Defeet

The Lost Indie City





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