Season one finale: Episode 6 Part A & B

We continue our comprehensive list of more of Canada’s top bands with our story “The Electrifying Adventures of DJ Jeff E Jeff”. In true Hollywood style we released the last episode as a part A & B. (also to allow it to coincide with our Night\shift installment at the time)

Find the rest of the story, including Season 2 coming this may here:

Episode 6A Artwork by Amanda Hordyk: Episode 6A

Music in order of appearance by:
1) The Tea Party
2) Three Crowns
3) Daphni
4) Sandro Perri
5) Fur Trade
6) Friendly Rich and the lollipop people
7) Cessna
8) Kitchens & Bathrooms
9) Monster Truck
10) Britt Black
11) Royal Canoe
12) Japanese Girls
13) Arcade Fire

Go right into Park B: The Final Intervention below!

Artwork by various artists: Episode 6B

Music in order of appearance by:
1) Silvergun and Spleen
2) Apostle of Hustle
3) Barenaked Ladies
4) The Nefidovs
5) Holy F___
6) Life in Vaccume
7) Colin Stetson
8) Grand Format
9) Dexter Homes
10) The New Pornographers
11) Quarterback
12) Age of Electric
13) Sunset Rubdown
15) Do Make Say Think

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