Top 20 Raptors of all time! (2014-2015)

I was watching NBA TV as I always do and was saw that the Top 20 Raptors of all time was coming on. I was excited knowing that it was the Raptors 20th season and was really interested to see the list! I was surprised that it was a re-airing of a show taped back in 2012 and the list was crazy! So DJ AdRock and I decided to put together a much better list with players in better positions. Check the list below and our reasoning behind our choices in the podcast above!

The Experts Top 20 2012 DJ Steel’s Top 20 DJ AdRock’s top 20
20 Donyel Marshel Amir Johnson Marcus Camby
19 Alvin Robertson Rudy Gay Amir Johnson
18 Keon Clarke Terance Ross Dell Curry
17 Jorge Garbosa Andrea Bargnani Antonio Davis
16 Demar Derozan Del Curry Doug Christie
15 Anthony Parker JYD Anthony Parker
14 Del Curry Marcus Camby Alvin Robertson
13 Jerome Williams Jonus Valencheunus Mo Pete
12 Jose Calderon Jose Calderon Jalen Rose
11 Marcus Camby Doug Christie T-Mac
10 Andrea Bargnani Tracy McGrady Matt Bonner
9 Morris Peterson Morris Peterson Jose Calderon
8 Doug Christie Alvin Williams JYD
7 Alvin Williams Charles Oakley Kyle Lowry
6 Tracy McGrady Kyle Lowry Damon Stoudamire
5 Charles Oakley Antonio Davis Chris Bosh
4 Antonio Davis Chris Bosh Oak
3 Chris Bosh Damon Stoudimire Demar Derozan
2 Damon Stoudimire Demar Derozan Vince Carter
1 Vince Carter Vince Carter Alvin Williams

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