Training cancel

Hi Programmers,

I have to cancel tonight's open training session. My car has been having a hard time starting with the new cold weather and I'm getting it fixed tonight so I can make it to work tomorrow. There is nobody scheduled for tonight but just incase there were going to be any drop ins.
The next open training session will be in two weeks: Sunday October 15 @9-10pm
If you have any questions or concerns about training please send them my way and if it's something I don't know I'll find out before the training session.
Keep up the great programming! I will admit usually I have a rotation of CKMS, CJIQ and CKWR on in my car and lately CKMS has been sounding way better to the point that I don't even check the other two!
Anyways, my next project that I'm looking to make a video for us remote broadcasting. Talk to you soon.
DJ Steel

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