Wadio Wam! Episode 9 – Summer Hits!

Hey everyone! Sorry for delay in uploads that last few week – things have got busy with school wrapping up, so we’re gonna hit you with 3 uploads for episodes 9, 10, and 11 tonight. This here is episode 9, where Sam and I go over some songs we expect to play all summer! This will also be his last show of the summer as he’ll be back home. The following episodes will be me and surprise hosts! Anyways, here’s summer hits, Wam On!

Also, the first song or two you will here Nickelback over it. Our apologies, there was an editing mistake LOL

Spotify Link – https://open.spotify.com/playlist/15hN8y61oMkVGItS1etfXa?si=cdaf6be9ba4d4b8a

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