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CKMS Community Connections for 10 May 2021 with Peter Snow of The Soviet Influence

Show Notes

with Peter Snow of The Soviet Influence (screenshot of web conference with Peter Snow, Jeff Stager, and Bob Jonkman)
Clockwise from bottom left: Peter Snow of the Soviet Influence, Jeff Stager of The Agriculture Show, and Bob Jonkman
Our guest today on CKMS #CommunityConnections is Peter Snow from The Soviet Influence. We talk about music, making a video in pandemic times, and even about politics.

The Soviet Influence had a Live, On-Air, In-Studio Performance on CKMS Community Connections for 24 February 2020.

The interview starts at 4m40s.


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Upcoming Events

  • Live, Online Video Event for Prisoner Justice

    Who: In support of the Toronto Prisoner’s Rights Project
    When: Sometime in August 2021
    Where: Online (stay tuned to CKMS-FM for more info; this page will be updated)


Download: ckms-community-connections-2021-05-10-episode082.mp3 (57.1 MB, 59m22s, episode 082)

Podcast Index

Abolition Now! (black upper case letters drawn on an orange background surrounded by explosion lines) All music today is by The Soviet Influence.

Time Title
0m00s Theme for CKMS Community Connections (by Steve Todd)
0m48s Plant The Bombs
4m40s There’s been a pandemic! But The Soviet Influence has still released two albums in 2021; the progression to becoming a more outspoken band; people like music with a message, The Soviet Influence is not a band to write romantic love songs; appearing on the 1492 Land Back Lane Mixtape; learning about Indigenous issues; introducing These Chains on that album; ; introducing Two Weeks.
13m18s These Chains
15m50s Oh Not Tonight
18m47s Explaining the meaning of Oh Not Tonight; mixing albums when you can’t go into the studio; introducing the band: Peter Snow, lead vocals and guitar, Peter Morey on bass, Blake Morey drummer, Ty Mackenzie on guitar; a plug for Dave Partridge of HELM Recording; making a video in the home studio, making a home studio from a shed; writing a song ‘cos you need an encore; introducing Two Weeks, a song about Indigenous issues; explaining the album title This Band Is So God.
31m06 Two Weeks
34m36s Abolition Now | Please donate to the following organizations: BLM Canada, Toronto Prisoner's Rights Project, PASAN, Prison Justice.caDoing some live online shows, paid video gigs; August compilation album for the Toronto Prisoner Rights Project; covering the social justice projects that need support, album proceeds go to these organizations. Bob and Jeff make a pitch for the Radio Waterloo Spring 2021 Fundraising Drive; explaining the Community at the Radio Station, is there a similar community amongst musicians? Peter says Yes, there is, but no formal organization of “social justice bands”. Yet.
47m46s Oh Not Tonight
51m36s Oh Not Tonight has played on commercial radio, that was unexpected! If you have music, submit it at, please excuse our delays in replying. Peter talks about upcoming songs, recordings, and live online events; talking about prison abolition; introducing The Guns of Brixton, originally by The Clash.
56m24s The Guns of Brixton, and Bob gives the end credits.

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Bonus Footage

Video: CKMS Community Connections for 10 May 2021 (WebM, 215.3 MB, 1h01m29s)

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