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CKMS Community Connections for 24 July 2023 with VEFO

Show Notes

VEFO (a person with crossed arms sitting at a microphone wearing a gray sweater and grey gloves, and a gas mask over a Guy Fawkes mask; the gas mask has the eyes outlined in bright green paint, and there is a green heart painted on the forehead)

Bob Jonkman talks with VEFO, musician and animal rights activist about his social justice philosophy, the alter-ego that VEFO represents, animal liberation, the Plant Based Treaty, producing music, VEFO’s influences and other activities, mainstream music, and the VEFOFEST Popup + Jaqui NDS Tribute this Saturday 29 June 2023 from 4 pm to 8pm at the Arts Quad at the University of Waterloo.

The interview starts at 1m43s.


Upcoming Events

Saturday July 29th (2023) 4pm at University of Waterloo Arts Quad (Dana Porter Library) | VEFOFEST Popup + Jaqui NDS Tribute | Join us for an evening of powerful music, speakers, poetry, art, estatic dance, food, & inspiring performances. | @UWAnimalRights @VEFOmusic (black letters on a gradient purple-to-green background, with a clip art image of a leaping dancer, a staff of musical notes, and a ribbon microphone)


Download: ckms-community-connections-2023-07-24-episode134-VEFO.mp3 (51 MB, 55m32s, episode 134)


Time Title Album Artist
0m00s Theme for CKMS Community Connections ccc CKMS Sunflower logo (yellow petals surrounding a black centre with white wavies all on a teal background)
CKMS Community Connections
Steve Todd
0m29s Control the Voices Genre-Bending P2 | GuruuuV (purple letters on a swirly purple background)
Genre-Bending, Pt. 2 (Beat Challenge)
1m43s VEFO does perform on Control the Voices, but his vocals are sampled and chopped up. VEFO likes both lyrical and instrumental tracks for balance.
2m57s VEFO wears a mask to create a character, an alter-ego, a new artist profile. VEFO’s music started to promote animal rights activism. In animal agriculture animals are viewed as though they don’t have a personality or a face, and so VEFO was created as an anonymous identity to show that you can turn yourself into whoever you want to, and VEFO is there to support. The mask reduces the ego, and shows how we are all a community of people trying to do better and trying to change the world for a kinder and sustainable future. VEFO has been doing music for six years, the activism for about four years, and hard-core animal rights for the last two years. VEFO draws inspiration from Regan Russell who was killed during an animal vigil in Burlington. Got Your Back was created as a tribute track to Regan. VEFO plays at both musical venues and animal rights rallies. Bob met VEFO at KW Vegfest.
8m01s VEFO tells us about VEFOFEST, this Saturday 29 July 2023 at the University of Waterloo through the UW Animal Rights Society.
10m24s 4 All the Animals (Save The World)
Live, On-Air, In-Studio!
4 all the Animals | (Save The World) | VEFO | Prod. GuruuuV (green and purple lettering on a background of a green sky with orange clouds, there's a picture of a pig's snout in the middle)
13m37s Talking about the lyrics in 4 All the Animals. Finding VEFO’s motivation in animal activism. Discussing animal liberation, and the trauma that animals experience in industrial agriculture. Are politicians paying attention? Yes, some politicians have endorsed the Plant Based Treaty, and VEFO is trying to get the University of Waterloo to adopt it. This is a world-wide campaign; the UK has had some success, but not so much in Canada. The treaty applies to institutions as well, such as hospitals, jails, schools. But Bob hasn’t seen much uptake in his mom’s long term care home.
23m39s SHINE
Live, On-Air, In-Studio!
SHINE | VEFO (white and green lettering on a background of stars overlying a beach scene with a cliff to the left)
26m12s Talking about VEFO’s production work. He’s been concentrating on sampling vocals. It’s a way to process his emotions, feeling on top of the world when working on one track, then next day your heart is just torn; music is always there for you. VEFO is a big fan of Moby, re-recording his tracks when the emotion strikes. We discuss dancing. VEFO plays guitar as well, will be playing electric guitar at VEFOFEST. VEFO is also a big fan of Prince. He performs solo, but is always open to collaboration. He’s been practicing with the Liberation Choir at the Wishbone Animal Rights Lab in Toronto, as well as practicing drumming. VEFO will be playing snare drum at the Toronto Animal Rights March 2023 on Saturday 26 August. Will there be a march in Waterloo? VEFO doesn’t think there are enough animal rights activists here to hold a march.
34m40s VEFO’s music isn’t mainstream; he doesn’t feel that he can make pop music. Is mainstream media ignoring this music because of commercial interests? Not even Moby releases animal rights music, there’s no commercial value. Maybe mainstream fans don’t want to hear social justice music. VEFO started @VeganLove4All on Instagram and Vegan Love 4 All on YouTube to promote animal rights.
38m50s Talking about V4EVA and the Beat Challenge, creating a new beat and a new genre every day.
39m45s V4EVA Genre-Bending P2 | GuruuuV (purple letters on a swirly purple background)
Genre-Bending, Pt. 2 (Beat Challenge)
42m02s MotionRave Demo
Live, On-Air, In-Studio!
motionrave | VEFO DEMO | GuruuuV (dark gray, white and purple letters on a purple-to-dark-blue gradient background)
43m21s Talking about MotionRave Demo. Music or lyrics first? Either way… Recap of VEFOFEST, doing it every month, next at University of Toronto. VEFO tells us how to release music on streaming services. Talking about the Burlington Vegfest (note: not at Spencer Smith Park, but at the Burloak Waterfront Park Map)
49m21s Talking about GuruuuV, an alter-ego that started VEFO’s music story. It combines “groove” and “guru”; the purple comes from Prince. There’s no politics or message with GuruuuV, just music.
51m40s Got Your Back
Live, On-Air, In-Studio!
GOT YOUR BACK | VEFO (black and yellow lettering on an indistinct background that looks like an anaglyph 3D image)
55m13s Bob gives the end credits.

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