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CKMS News – 2021-05-31 – Outdoor play, team sports, and the pandemic

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Host: Namish Modi

Our piece features interviews with Kitchener Minor Baseball president Ron Moiebrook and research manager from Outdoor Play Canada Louise de’Lannoy. 

Moiebrook shared his plans for a return to play for its leagues. The league ran both its rep and house leagues in 2020 with a shortened season. The interview took place on May 19, prior to the Ontario provincial government’s reopening announcement on May 20. 

Moiebrook said that he’s hoping for a much more complete season in 2021. Under Ontario’s reopening plans, outdoor sports could return in June. Safety protocols will be in place, while smaller leagues and a lower amount of travel are probably as players take the field again. Thus far, registration for the summer season is a bit slower, but Moiebrook expects that could pick up when there is more certainty on plans.

de Lannoy says that outdoor spaces are more important than ever, amid the pandemic. She is pleased that the outdoor spaces were slated to reopen as Victoria Day weekend began but believes most of those spaces shouldn’t have closed in the first place. 

Those outdoor spaces are supremely important, especially for those who may not have access to green space. 

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