The Crazy Canuck

20140712_153926In our quest to visit the BEST restaurants in the KW region we got on the road (Weber street) and traveled until we saw the Big Brown Beaver on the logo of The Crazy Canuck! The restaurant is right across from the St. Jacobs outlet stores.

We knew in advance that this place was going to be great and DJ Jeff E Jeff and the lady fox wanted to accompany us too! I kept thinking that we were going to get a crosswind (as you can hear in the podcast) at the restaurant but it was actually the Lake of Bays Brewing Company “Top Shelf” Beer that was on tap!

20140712_154321We have been talking quite a bit about our craving for poutine and what is cool about this restaurant is that they have 8 different types of poutine. DJ Jeff E Jeff went with the Greek Tzatzik Poutine seen on the right and DJ AdRock went with the Smoked Meat Poutine seen on the left! I was able to try both of the poutines and they were both exceptional!

20140712_154346Like our co-host on the podcast, DJ Steelhead, who won our Lake of Bays Brewing company contest, I (DJ Steel) am a burger man.  I was a little worried about going with “The Crazy Canuck” burger; I didn’t want to look like a light-weight and not be able to finish, so instead I went with “The Best Burger in Town”. The name alone made me feel like I was making the right choice. It can be seen here….It was the best burger I have had in this town to date! I will continue my quest trying to top this…but it has set the bar pretty high! If your looking at all these above mentioned meals and thinking “I’m vegitarian, I bet there is nothing that I would like here” well you are wrong! The Crazy Canuck is currently revamping 20140712_154445their website and we were ordering off their new menu. The Lady Fox found this gem: The Quinoa Burger with the option of a lettuce bun!

In fact the new menu has a whole vegetarian section that you veegs can choose from!

The Crazy Canuck has got a cool vibe to it. When we went, it was a beautiful day and so we decided to sit outside under the Patio Laterns. The inside though is perfect for music lovers! There is an abundance of Canadian Music vinyl covers all over the walls to check out while ordering or dinning 20140712_164911in. In addition to this once your done your meal you can walk into the adjoining antique store and reminisce about cool items from your youth (as we did! )

Altogether we had a GREAT time dinning at The Crazy Canuck……But wait! DESSERT!

ooh man… was soo good I’m not even going to describe it…I will just finish this post with this picture:



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