episode 247 agriculture show april 23 2019

Richard Giles is our guest today on The Agriculture Show. Richard is at U of W preparing for his dissertation on public policy regarding cultured meat.  Check out Richards show here at CKMS from midnight Thursdays to Friday 1AM.  Talk and music on The Clean up Hour.  Our playlist:

  1. “Floral Shoppe” (花の専門店 Hana no Senmon-ten) by Vektroid  (Ramona Andra Xavier)
  2. Song 31 by Noname
  3. Money Over Love by Dela Souliand & Snoop Dogg
  4. Smoking With My Stylist by Nipsey Hussle
  5. Never Like you, but still Nostalgic by Shintario Salcamato

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