Gilt Restaurant Review!

wpid-20150520_201935.jpgWe heard that Gilt Restaurant had our favourite Lake of Bays Brewing Company beverages and so we had to check out this restaurant to see how it was.
wpid-20150520_184001.jpgTo Start things off the Lady fox has some food allergies and this restaurant was very accommodating! The server even went over with her which items she should choose from and worked out a personal mean just for her. Not only that, most “Special Orders” in other restaurants are just thrown together in an attempt to get something out. This looked and tasted amazing!

The Rest of us decided upon 6 tapas to share.wpid-20150520_183901.jpg
The first was some amazing chicken that was like nothing I have ever tastes before. It can be seen in the skillet in the image here. Those pieced of heaven in front of the skillet at the puff potatoes…WOW, they were AMAZING! Let move along to the next course..

wpid-20150520_185150.jpgThis was my (DJ Steel’s) favourite dish of the evening. The Lobster Rolls. A close second was the puff potatoes seen above. These lobster rolls were loaded with lobster!

The Next Selection here was DJ AdRock’s favourite dish of the evening the pork belly perogies!wpid-20150520_185536.jpg On the menu is a Lake of Bays Brewing Company IPA beer. We confirmed with the server this is the 10 point ale. This was a perfect complementary drink for these dishes, as seen in the photo’s they didn’t last too long.

wpid-20150520_191755.jpgDJ AdRock then went with a Lake of Bays Brewing Company Crosswind pale ale and I got another 10 point.

The next part of the meal was the scallops! Perfectly cooked!  What a way to finish off the dinner part….but we were not done there! We had to stick around for some dessert!

Gilt Restaurant did not disappoint! Everything was so good! In addition to the restaurant being so good we hear that a few days after we were there they had an outdoor concert on their patio!wpid-20150520_194404.jpg


We definitely give Gilt Restaurant two thumbs up! Check them out online here:

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