IMBIBE Food and Drink – Mano A Mano Battle

Above is our IMBIBE Food and Drink battle!

MAM Pomegranite CervesaThis feature is near and dear to us for a few reasons. We visited this Food and Drink establishment at the end of August for the “Paul Jago unearthing the music of The Gandharvas” concert. This concert was such an exciting show held exclusively at IMBIBE. What was surprising and really cool was that the Lake of Bays Brewing Company actually created the “Mano A Mano Pomegranate Summertime Cerveza” And it was a HIT selling out! (it can be seen above on the IMBwpid-20140910_123456.jpgIBE drink list) IMBIBE is currently the only location in the world that has served this exclusive beer. Anyways, because of all that excitement we forgot to try the wonderful food at IMBIBE. It was actually a good thing cause it gave us an excuse to visit IMBIBE again very soon! DJ AdRock and I (DJ Steel) met at IMBIBE for a work lunch a few weeks after the show. DJ AdRock ordered the Poutine, which you can see has a littlewpid-20140910_124355.jpg twist! It is potato wedges! Which heightens it to a whole new level! I tried a bit and it was delicious! My lunch was the soup of the day! Because it is getting colder out, I went with a nice warming soup. Not only was it warming because of the temperature of the soup but it also had a nice spiciness to it that also helped warm me up!

This is definitely a Food and Drink establishment that you wanna check out! Especially if you are headded to the Museum! (it is literally attached to the Museum) Plan to check out this place! They often have great musicians playing there, they have an open mic night and have some all about GREAT craft breweries such as Lake of Bays Brewing Company!

Check out their website here for more information:

Paul Jago – Live at IMBIBE


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