Listen For Smooth Contemporary QUINTE JAZZ

Saturday January 21 9 AM
After broadcast on SoundCloud

Tape Five Duesenberg THE ROARING 2020’S 2019
Centric Don’t Mind LOVE RECEIVED 2022
Knight Hammer Beyond The Vista SINGLE 2022
🍁Curtis Dayne For You TIME CARIB REMIX 2022
Herbie Hancock Vein Melter HEAD HUNTERS 1992
🍁 Winnipeg Jazz Orchestra Homenaje VOICES A MUSICAL HERITAGE 2022
Inusa Dawunda Time Out TROPICAL EASE 2022
Claudia Camapgnol Make Me Believe RIGHT NOW 2022
🍁 Alex Bird Ewen Farncombe Nightmare Grooves SONGWRITER 2022
Andreaus Hourdakis Craftsman UNDERWORLD 2020
Steve Baxter Bay Bridge RUNNING LATE 2022
Dave Kowaleski KC In The Clouds UNDER MOJAVE MOON 2022

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