Michael Hendricks saves 9 month old baby

Hero Michael

On August 1, 2016, Michael Hendricks was working at Kelsey’s on Ottawa Street when he answered a call of a 9 month old baby that was choking. He gave the baby some blows to the back and he saved the baby’s life. The baby was crying and was able to breathe.

Members of the Kitchener-Waterloo community are organizing a petition to ask Kitchener City Council to honour Mr. Hendricks for his act of bravery and his efforts in saving that baby’s life. The full story can be found at


Once again, thank you very much Michael and thank you very much to the Region of Waterloo community for your efforts and kindness in recognizing Michael for his heroism. He has received an award from me and the SoundFM community. Way to go buddy! :).

Ward 5 counsellor Kelly Galloway-Sealock made a statement to me after I emailed the petition. She said,

“Thanks for your message. I will work with the Mayor to see what we can do on behalf of the city to recognize Michael’s heroism. I saw the post on Spotted and it sounds like he was the right person to assist and took over the situation. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.”

I want to also thank all citizens in the City of Kitchener and Region of Waterloo for your assistance in getting Kitchener City Council to honour Michael Hendricks. We all appreciate all of your efforts.

Our petition can be found on:


We ask all members of the community to sign the petition so that we can get Kitchener City Council to honour him. This is what Michael Hendrix had to say, “Truly humbled!”

He also said to Spotted In K-W, “Glad to see that you and your son are doing well! I was happy to assist you. Take care!!”