Selina Martin – Aural Visionary


Selina Martin courtesy of Jason Schneider Media
Selina Martin courtesy of Jason Schneider Media

A Wide-ranging Fun Fone Chat with Toronto- based singer/songwriter/ aural visionary Selina Martin from her early Send In the Cows Daze to her latest album “Caruso’s Brain”.. what do Selina and Caruso know that we don’t? 

Tune in and find out.

On today’s playlist – Selections from Selina’s latest album including ; My Heart Ticks On, Hawaii, Your Secrets Sleep With Me, Bike, Living in a Window, Lay Down Your Arms. Wish List, plus just for fun Five Hole – Tales of Hockey Erotica, (Nate Mills ( RWTK)  cult classic gem) The Orillia Song, and some Run with the Kittens songs (because Nate Mills and Run with the Kittens are also performing with Selina in concert tonight at The KW Boathouse).

Listen this Wednesday from 4 to 7 pm as Interzone presents a three- hour feature with more great music inspired from this chat.  Squeekee. 

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