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CKMS Community Connections for 26 October 2020 with Aaron Dawe of Dichroma and John MacDonald of the Kitchener Festival of Neighbourhoods


Show Notes

Dichroma (wordmark and text from their website)

Aaron Dawe of Dichroma

Bob Jonkman speaks with Aaron Dawe about the music of Dichroma, the band itself, how Covid has affected the band, and the production of their new EP, possibly called Two and possibly to come out this Friday, 30 October 2020.

The interview starts at 5m55s. Sadly, the phone connection was not very good.


John MacDonald (headshot)
John MacDonald

John MacDonald of the Kitchener Festival of Neighbourhoods

John MacDonald joins Bob Jonkman on a web conference to talk about the Kitchener Festival of Neighbourhoods, what the organization does, how it operates with the City, and the upcoming festival on Sunday 15 November 2020.

The interview starts at 32m25s.


Upcoming Events


Download: ckms-community-connections-2020-10-26-episode065.mp3 (51.4 MB, 56m21s, episode 065)

Podcast Index

Time Title Artist Album
0m00s Theme for CKMS Community Connections ccc Steve Todd CKMS Community Connections
0m25s Bob Jonkman makes a pitch for donations during our CKMS Funding Drive 2020 and explains why you might want to start a show.
2m03s Cause And Consequence Dichroma Dichroma - One (the word DICHROMA on a crumbling wall, B&W)One
0m25s Bob Jonkman talks with Aaron Dawe of Dichroma
23m28s Oxygen Dichroma Dichroma - One (the word DICHROMA on a crumbling wall, B&W)One
28m26s Another pitch for raising funds
30m42s Crazy Arms GelaX Dreamonic | Gelax (illustration of a man dragging a woman)Dreamonic
32m24s Bob chats with John MacDonald about the Festival of Neighbourhoods and the upcoming A Mosaic of Neighbourhoods online celebration.
50m36s Heal Your Soul Jacob Bradshaw (Portrait of Jacob Bradshaw with a "Parental Advisory | Explicit Content" sticker in the lower left corner)(single)
54m23s Extro for Jacob Bradshaw, a final pitch for fundraising, end credits.

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Bonus Footage

YouTube: CKMS Community Connections for 10 October 2020

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