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2nd Annual Beer Tasting Competition

ContestantsThis past #COTM marked the “Second Annual Beer Tasting Competition”. Reigning Champion DJ Plan B was in studio competing to defend his title as the Worlds best Beer sampler. DJ Mattador who was also at the last competition was on hand to try and bounce back from his performance in last year.

In addition to these two athletes, DJ Jazzy TBD and DJ MuuTuu (aka DJ Reliable Son) won their way through the beer drinking ranks in the region for a chance to take on the champ.

The Brewery this year was the Block Three Brewing Company based in St. Jacobs Ontario. The representatives from the brewery were DJ Froyo and DJ KFBass (whose DJ names are awarded during the competition).

The Mano A Mano show tried to throw off the athletes by having them do the beer tasting competition in extreme temperatures however DJ Plan B was not phased as he took home the championship for the second year in a row! Check out the podcast below for the exciting festivities, great music selection and plot twist at the very end which we hope will be signs of the future!

http://soundfm.s3.amazonaws.com/Second Annual Beer Tasting Competition.mp3


Interview with Block Three Brewing Company

This past week on Mano A Mano we were taking the Lost Indie City’s theme of “Canadian Content” in a totally different direction. We Interviewed creative forces behind the Block Three Brewing Company to find out how they create their tasty creations. Block Three Brewing Company is located in St. Jacobs and is one of the regions fastest growing Breweries. With beer that tastes this good it is no wonder this company has a bright future!

Listen in as we talk with the brewers and owners of this amazing brewery that is located within our region.